A mathematical term for the space formed when two semicircles are placed within a larger semicircle, with all running off the same baseline. Archimedes found that the arbelos held some interesting and often surprising qualities.

And so it is with Arbelos, where good wines meet naturally.

When two of South Africa’s leading bulk wine producers, Botha and Slanghoek Cellars, founded in 1949 and 1951 respectively, both with proven track records locally and internationally, share a common vision and start blending their facilities, experience and expertise, the result is a producer which respects the wisdom of the past but is determined to play a definitive role in the future.

Arbelos is a place where wine growers, producers, distributors and retailers share their knowledge and passion for the industry to produce something of significance.



Arbelos can be found in the majestic Breedekloof Valley, about one hours drive from Cape Town. The region was awarded “wine of origin” status, producing wines of exceptional quality through the Breedekloof’s diverse climate, soil type and the influence of the mountain slopes.

There is more to the Breedekloof than award-winning wineries. The Breedekloof is home to a wide range of outdoor activities, offering scenic cycling and mountain biking trails, crystal clear streams provide one of the best trout fishing areas in South Africa and the craggy mountains, fynbos and bird life attract hikers wishing to enjoy the abundant beauty of the area.

Services & Wines

Services include:

Blending of wines, up to 1.5 million litres at a time

Protein stability

Bulk filtrations

Tartrate stability

Fine filtrations

Loading of containers for export

This, with the added value of working with distributors and retailers in uncovering new surprises for the industry makes Arbelos an innovative bulk wine supplier.


Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cinsaut Noir


Petit Verdot


Ruby Cabernet



Chenin Blanc



Sauvignon Blanc


The Cellars

Slanghoek Cellar

Slanghoek Cellar lies in the picturesque Slanghoek Valley, 880m above sea level, surrounded by the majestic Slanghoek Mountains from which the cellar derives its name. The cellar is a mere 4km from the Goudini Spa holiday resort, 20km from Worcester and 90km from Cape Town. Annual production is approximately 46 180 tons.

The valley’s geographic position, fertile, varied soils and micro-climate are reflected in the unique character of Slanghoek’s internationally-renowned and prize-winning red, white, sparkling, dessert wines and port.

Botha Cellar

The cellar is situated off the N1 on the R43 to Ceres.

Established in 1949, Botha Winery is one of the largest wine producers in the area and in South Africa. Annual production is approximately 46 075 tons.

Wines include the Dassie’s Reserve Range, which consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Merlot, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc,and  Colombard .

The standard range consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage, Merlot, Shiraz, Dassie’s Rood, Blanc de Blanc, Hanepoot Jerepigo, Red Jerepigo, LBV Port, Chardonnay Brut Sparkling and Sparkling Chardonnay Demi-Sec.

Board of Directors

Pieter  Carstens :  Chairman

Alwyn Naude : Director

Theuns le Roux : Director

Jaco Ramsauer : Director

Gerrit van Zyl : Vice Chairman

Sakkie du Toit : Director

Livingstone Stanley : Director

Cynthia Magerman : Director

Callie Coetzee Manager/Viticulturist


BRC  British Retail Consortium

ISO 22000 Food safety Management ( which includes)HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)

IPW (Integrated Production of Wine)

Wieta (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association)

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